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Gilford, NH – The New Police State

police-state-enough-yetWelcome to America.

Land of the free. Home of the brave.

Oh wait. We’re talking about Gilford, NH here. Let me rephrase that.

Welcome to Gilford, NH. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Land of the controlled. Home of the cowards.

At least, that’s what I get when I watch a video taken of Gilford School Board Meeting on May 6, 2014. The video has two parts. The first captures the actual discussion and Dr. William Baer’s removal. The second captures his arrest and the reaction of the police officer and videographer. The second part is further down in this post.

This is the state of the Union, people. Get used to it. Gilford PD, in conjunction with the SAU 73 School Board, is making America safer, by arresting one parent at a time.

<sarcasm>It’s clear that this man should be locked in jail for the remainder of his natural life. I mean, come on! He had a fucking opinion and he expressed it using – ooooh, scary – WORDS –  that exceeded a two-minute time limit. Heil, SAU 73 School Board! You sure do know how to take care of business.</sarcasm>

Before discussing the videos, let’s talk about the reason for Dr. William Baer’s attendance at the school board meeting. He was there to speak up about the school assigning a book called “Nineteen Minutes” to the 9th grade class. The book has a pretty explicit sex scene in it and the parents were upset that they weren’t notified in advance.

Here’s my opinion on the sex scene. Teenagers fuck like monkeys and think about sex all day long as it is, so the words in the book probably aren’t planting any ideas in their head. I think that my issue is in the fact that is was required reading. If a teacher assigned the bible to be read during a literature course, oh my fucking god, the horrors that would have gone on. But they assigned, I guess… in a way… porn. It wasn’t a book a kid picked up and decided to read of their own volition. It wasn’t a book that a parent had the choice of allowing or disallowing their child to read. It was a very explicit book that the teacher decided was in the students best interest to read. I’m kind of torn about this. I don’t believe in censoring, but I do believe in choice. And, I can say that I would have been mighty embarrassed sitting in a classroom with twenty plus other students discussing a chapter that contained something so graphic.

Here’s the passage of concern. I have to say that I’ve read a few romance novels in my life and a lot of them never came close to this amount of detail. Detail that I’m not sure a 9th-grade student really needed to be forced to read and graded on.

Congratulations, Susie! You got an A on your pornography test! Good luck with your new job at Vivid Entertainment.

“‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.

” … She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.

“‘Yeah,’ he groaned, and her pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs. … (H)e clamped his hand over her mouth and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.

“Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”

Well that was exciting. Every 9th-grader needs to have a classroom discussion about the merits of hot, sticky semen and the fact that when it expels itself from the vagina it tends to pool on whatever is beneath it. Wait, they didn’t use a condom??? I have no problem with the book. I have no real issue with a teenager reading it if that’s what they CHOOSE or what their PARENTS choose. But how does something like this become part of the curriculum? Since when did the school system gain the ability to expose  underage children to literature that contains, what could be argued as, pornography?

What’s even MORE impressive is that according to this article, when Dr. Baer tried to read the excerpt aloud in front of the audience, he wasn’t allowed to. So… let me get this straight… The 9th grade class is required to read this book. Inside the book is a passage that talks about two teenagers fucking so furiously that the girl gets rug burns on her legs, and after they’re done it describes hot, sticky semen dripping into a pool underneath her. But the school board won’t allow the passage to be read aloud? What the fucking hairy fucking hell? Oh, I read a little farther into the article. Apparently since the board meeting was being filmed/covered, they COULDN’T allow the passage to be read because it VIOLATES FCC rules. Well, wow. The passage is so explicit it violates broadcasting and media rules, but it’s required reading for 14-year olds. I just pinched myself because I get the feeling that I have somehow stepped out of reality and into some dark surreality that I can’t comprehend.

But back to the other points. Since when did we lose our right to freedom of speech? Looking through the glass, darkly, I guess that what appears to have happened is that people following a higher moral path are punished, and those who oppose it rule. And because of the police-state that is fast becoming the norm, the average citizen has no way to fight what is about to happen. Terrifying.

You know all those sci-fi films set in a dystopian future. Where people are executed because they burped in public or they are herded around like cattle?  They’re not science fiction anymore, and this video proves it. When we arrive at a point in civic evolution where a School Board has the right to ensure that a parent no longer has the ability to speak their opinion without fear of being arrested and potentially having their lives ruined because of a criminal record, something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

SAU 73’s School Board rules of order:


SAU 73’s Board Powers:


Where does it say that they had the right to have a man arrested because he expressed an opinion. And a very valid opinion at that. Where does that leave us? It leaves us in a police state. Or at least a police state in its infancy. The hell with arresting real criminals like child molesters and murderers and rapists. The true threat is the educated, well-spoken individual who dares to express their opinion publicly. It’s clear that this is a scare tactic, one designed to intimidate parents into silence for fear of the consequences. 

  • Next week, someone will be arrested because they put a quarter into a gumball machine and it didn’t spit out their gumball so they shook it gently. The charge will be destruction of property. Gotta get them dangerous criminals off the streets.
  • Next month someone will be arrested because they ordered a pepperoni pizza and got a sausage pizza instead and they complained to management. Their complaint lasted exactly 2.67 minutes.  A clear violation of the Gilford Act of 2014.
  • Next year a five-year-old child will be given porn by a dirty old pedophile and the child will get arrested because he yelled for help. Most obviously a case of disorderly conduct. Imagine the gall of that child for hollering in public.

Really interesting considering that Gilford’s Mission Statement says:


Does having a parent arrested for attempting to communicate with the school board seem to foster the skills described in Gilford’s own mission statement? Did arresting Dr. Baer promote personal responsibility? Nope. It actually showed the people in attendance that personal responsibility is an arrestable offense. What about promoting accountability? Don’t think so. The school board and police department obviously have no accountability. If they can, with a flick of their wrist, have a parent arrested because they talked out of turn, that’s a clear indication that they feel as though they have ascended to a new level where accountability is only used to persecute others. What about open communication? Dr. Baer was definitely communicating openly. The trouble is that the school board didn’t like what they were hearing. He exceeded a time limit. He talked out of turn. He said things they didn’t want to be held accountable for. What’s the solution? Well evidently it’s not finding an amicable resolution. It’s arrest.

People should be asking the Gilford School District, Board Members and Police Department some serious questions right about now. They should be called out on this atrocious act. Every parent in that district should be running scared right now because they’ve unleashed a monster.

Now onto other features of the first video which I find particularly enlightening.

Did you happen to notice the first man captured speaking in the video? How abruptly he stopped speaking? I think he had a lot more to say. I think  he would have continued, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he halted himself when he noticed the school board chair motioning for the cop. This is just my opinion, but the guy went from arguing for the rights of his children to shutting up far too fast. Is it possible that the residents of Gilford have seen this type of school board police-state behavior before and he sat down before they could decide that his opinion was excessive and arrest him?

Before you discount that theory, look at the people surrounding Mr. Baer. Do you notice something pretty strange? They ignore the entire event as it unfolds. They all know what is about to happen. They all know that it about to violate the very tenants of our constitution and civil rights, but they just sit there and pretend that it’s not happening. What the fuck, people? It could be you next. The lady sipping her water is wide-eyed but she says nothing. The lady in the brown suit-coat scans the room looking for something else to make eye-contact with. I assume this is because she can’t bear to face the man sitting behind her that is about to be arrested for talking out of turn. It isn’t until Dr. Baer is outside that a handful of people follow him out. Was that because of morbid curiosity or because they felt the need to take a stand or at least witness what the future police-state looks like? I didn’t hear anyone except the reporter speaking up and the woman who said that it should be the people who assigned the book in cuffs isn’t even speaking up about the fact that an atrocity was occurring before her very eyes. Kudos that she said SOMETHING, which is more than the rest of them, but they should all have jumped out of their seats when that cop walked over to him in the first place and protested. The point might have been made if that uniformed retard had to cart a whole room full of people to jail for “Disorderly Conduct.”

Look at them. Look at them all. The majority just sit there. I don’t know whether it’s in disbelief or whether they don’t want to be next. I can’t believe my eyes. Every time I watch it I want to scream, “Say something! Stand up for this man!” STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES. Complacency will be your own undoing. Allow shit like this to happen and it will keep happening and it will get worse. You might think you are immune because this time, THIS TIME, you got out unscathed, but it WILL happen to you. Gilford residents – don’t you know your rights? Don’t you know the difference between right and wrong? Can’t you tell what is disorderly conduct and what is not? This was WRONG, wrong, wrong, yet you ignored it. And by doing so, you tightened the grip of the institution around your OWN necks. It will come back to bite you. It may not be today or next year, or even in your lifetime. But imagine what kind of society you are creating for your children? Scary, scary, scary.

And the school board. Ugh. Don’t get me started. They should NOT have this much power. They are a bunch of parents and residents ELECTED to ensure the education of your children. Why are you giving them this much power? Not only did that meeting and arrest prove that they are the ultimate authority, but that they have unlimited power. They don’t like what you have to say? Off with his head! Don’t want to be challenged for a poor decision? Put him in stocks! That school board needs to be dismantled and never reassembled. They are a danger to society. And so is the arresting officer.

Let’s look at the second video.

Interesting to see the facial expressions of the arresting officer. There are a few times where you see him frown deeply. I can only hope that this is an outward expression of his inner shame. He should be very ashamed. When you can trump up charges on an individual because they spoke out of turn or for longer than two minutes at a fucking school board meeting, the fall of society has reached maximum velocity.

When it becomes a priority to arrest parents who speak up at a school board meeting, and allow rapists, and murderers, and child molesters to go free or lightly punished, there is no more hope left. Casey Anthony murders her daughter. She is free. George Zimmerman shoots a teenage boy. He is free. Politicians accept bribes and commit heinous crimes that get covered up. They are free AND running our country. So that actually starts to make sense. When our lawmakers and law enforcers are the true criminals, it only makes sense that they would go after the people who are the voices of reason.

Disorderly conduct.

I used to think that this meant someone who was creating a ruckus and was scaring people or threatening violence. Like someone who walks into a bar and starts throwing around tables and smashing bottles. After watching the videos, I realize that in today’s America, disorderly conduct means expressing your opinion at a public meeting for longer than two minutes or out-of-turn. I’m not a religious person, but Heaven Help Us! Where are we heading? What is next?

If we allow things like this to be brushed under the carpet. If we continue to elect officials that pervert rules to prevent civil liberty and constitutional rights, we’re no better than them and we deserve to sleep in the bed we’ve made. And what a dirty bed it is.

The arresting officer defended the arrest, saying:

“It’s not at all unusual to have town or school officials ask to have us present if they think there is a potentially hot topic,” Leach said. “There was no conspiracy, Mr. Baer just got out of hand, and I had to arrest him.”

He got out of hand. Out of hand. Think about that folks. Dr. Baer spoke just a few sentences. Used no profanity. Didn’t yell. Didn’t threaten. And that was considered out of hand to the point where he had to be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Think again the next time you express your opinion in public. You could end up in jail.

Reading through some of the comments on the articles I found I noticed that some people are adamant that Dr. Baer should have been arrested. I disagree. They are saying that because he talked out of turn and was asked to leave and refused to and continued speaking, arrest was the only option. Think about this for a minute. If every time in your life someone else wanted you to stop talking about a touchy subject they were able to have you arrested, how many times would you have been in jail. If every person was arrested for talking out of turn, there wouldn’t be anyone left to fund the government through taxes. Yes, he challenged them to arrest him. But was it necessary? No. And by the time the officer grabbed his hand, Dr. Baer had stopped speaking and the woman in the front was talking to someone in the back. Baer shut up. He was still removed. Still arrested. This whole incident could have been handled differently. Was he truly a threat? The threatening voice of dissent? Argh. At the very most, I could see the cop bringing him outside and telling him to go home and cool off. The arrest was the final abuse of power. It’s kind of like the saying I’ve often heard about raising kids, “Choose your battles.” This was a battle that could have gone outside and gone away and there wouldn’t be such an outrage about it. And I also disagree with the comments that he was throwing a tantrum and yelling. I can’t imagine what some of these people would think goes on at one of my family’s gatherings because I’ve seen ten times the disorderly conduct at Thanksgiving and it no one got arrested. Unreal.


Dr. William Baer’s daughter responds to the school board after her father’s arrest.