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The Conclusion of the Lump

So where was I? Oh yes, Friday just following the super fun trip to Miles for U/S and Mammo…

I wouldn’t have my cytology report until the following Thursday and since the tests I’d had done up to that point were highly inconclusive, like the Radiologist told me, the only thing I could do at this point was see what the cells said.

By Sunday I had gone pretty much 6 days without eating.  I even went to the fair and was able to pass up the few once a year treats that I covet!!!  Friday night I still had a fever and I started to feel really weak.  (We’re thinking that this is now something new and unrelated… I’ll probably blog about this new problem as soon as I find out more from my Dr hopefully this week).

I didn’t get much sleep during the week, constantly fretting about the test results.  On Thursday I went to the Dr.s for a 3:00pm appointment.  My fever had finally broke, that was good news.  But, I had lost over 9# since the 17th.  Not good and a perfect example of what stress combined with starvation will do to your body.

I waited for what seemed like forever for Tina to come to the exam room.   When she finally did, the first words out of her mouth were… “Good news!”

The cytology report showed mainly white cells.  No evidence of atypical cells and most importantly no malignancy.  I guess the mammo had actually shown something but nothing of great value.  It was a series of calcifications near where my lump is.  I guess they interpreted this an some sort of injury response.  But seriously, my boob never got injured!

The lump is still there but is greatly reduced.  Tina said that it actually feels like normal fibrous breast tissue now.  Every once in a while I get a slight twinge where it was and get all nervous but I guess that healing might cause discomfort.  With the swelling and heat gone (presumably from the infection being over) she is no longer worried about IBC.

Her take on what happened is this…

I developed a cyst but it was small and I didn’t know it.  The cyst was located very close to my milk duct.  Hormonal changes made the cyst grow.  My dog stepped on my boob, rupturing the cyst membrane.  Bacteria somehow made its way from my nipple or a pimple on my boob up to the ruptured cyst area.  An infection set in and I developed an abscess which grew rapidly.

I do have to go back for another ultrasound in 6-8 weeks to see if it resolves itself completely.  She doesn’t think it will but wants to make sure it doesn’t change.  If it’s still concerning them when I go back in, I plan to ask for an excisional biopsy.  I’d much rather have it gone than to have to get my boobies played with by multiple strangers every month and  a half!  I don’t tolerate stress well and can’t be having this ordeal indefinitely.

I know that  a lot of you were concerned about me and I appreciate that.  I didn’t mean to overly worry anyone but I did want this written out because I think what I’ve experienced is important for you to know.  This has been a really good example of how a lump that feels serious, might not necessarily be.  I can tell you that after speaking with both Dr.’s and the Radiologist, this lump felt highly suspicious from the start.  It was solid and knotty feeling.  It not smooth, squishy or anything of the likes.  In fact, the circumstances surrounding it were strange too.  I’m not lactating, have never had kids, yet I end up with Mastitis???  How bizarre does that sound? I over-reacted and hope that (knock on wood) that if I have to go through this again – and my Dr. told me I most likely would – I learned my lesson well!

So, ladies that are like me and working your way slowly into peri-menopause – don’t fear the lump!!!! At least until you have definite cause to.

Oh, and for those with inquiring minds, when I go back to the Dr.’s this week, I’m going to ask for a copy of the Mammo and U/S pictures so that I can post.  Who knows, it might help ease some poor other persons mind if they experience something similar!

UPDATE:  The picture is my cyst as of my 6 week follow-up ultrasound.  It’s grown in size and has some friends.  If you look on the left image, you’ll see  mickey mouse.  That’s my cyst plus 2 new ones.  Actually, the report states ‘numerous’ small cysts surrounding the initial one.  I have to go back on 1/25 for another ultrasound to see if it’s grown anymore or changed.  I’m kind of thinking that I’m going to have her check my hormones that week too as I am beginning to wonder if this is something related to perimenopause.  I know that 35 seems young, however on my dad’s side of the family, a lot of my aunts started menopause in their 30’s.