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Y Chromosome = Retardation

I don’t even have PMS and I’m reacting poorly to a conversation that Dan and I had earlier tonight. As you might have read, I’ll be graduating in May of 2010 and because I have only a few classes left to take, I spent this evening looking up some low-residency MA/MFA programs. Several that I found seemed promising, with one in particular requiring 16 weeks of on-campus attendance during the first year.

Probably wanting to feed my ego or reassure myself, I asked Dan what would be the worst part of me being gone for that long. Here’s what I expected…or hoped he would say. “Stacy, I would be lost without you. Missing you would make those four months absolutely unbearable.” This unfortunately, is not the response that I received.

I might be quoting this slightly off because I’m so filled with anger and irritation right now that I can’t think straight, but this is what he said in a nutshell. “I think the hardest part would be having to pay all the bills. You know, the ones that you usually pay.”

When I gave him the glare of death and questioned him about his response, he informed me that he hadn’t meant it ‘that way’. I love it when men are so quick to come out with a retarded answer to an obvious question and then try to hide their accidental honesty with hemming and hawing. Well, Daniel, what ‘way’ is it? He even attempted to justify this by saying that earlier he had told me he’d miss me a lot if I was gone for any length of time. Regardless, it certainly doesn’t excuse his completely inconsiderate and disrespectful response to my direct question about what would bother him THE MOST. Maybe I should be glad in a way, but that’s another whole blog entry!

I’m having a hard time accepting his explanation. He claims that he meant it as a matter of coordination. Evidently he prides me for my excellent and timely internet bill paying skills. Click…click…click… pretty easy if you ask me. I’m not so sure this is an actual compliment. It feels like back-pedaling.

Why is it that when faced with a decision, men more often than not choose the path of greatest resistance? He literally could have said a dozen other things and none of them would have pissed me off nearly so much. But, like every other human being on the planet that is genetically tainted with the Y chromosome, he selected the ONE thing that has been my bone of contention for months now. I wish I knew a swear word that was exponentially more shocking and full of anger than fuck. If I did, I’d type it here, bold and in caps.

There we have it folks! Dan is officially a) on my shit list and b) about to get up-close and personal with either of the two couches in the living room for an extended period of time!