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Typos Give Me Hives

I wrote this poem in response to a particularly annoying semester where I was forced to take upper level English classes with the illiterate masses.  Yes, I recognize the fact that not everyone excels at English – but let me repeat these words – Upper Level.

Typos Give Me Hives

I know my words seem quite harsh

But reading these forums is a farce

Misspelled words litter the pages

And I think it might be contagious

Do your classmates a great big favor

Use your spell-check, it’s a savior

If you didn’t know, it’s on every page

Click the ABC icon, for heaven’s sake!

When choosing words above your IQ

Look them up first, I beg of you

Don’t try to be something that you’re not

These BB forums have gone to pot

Big words, little words

Spell them Correct!

And use them in the proper context!